D’MAZ can offer you an exclusive and glamourous service to impress your clients and provide them the level of luxury that your clients expect.

We are able to create unique customized version for your establishment so you can offer your clients the exact touch and ambience for their celebrations and events.

You can either incorporate it into the room service to create an unique atmosphere for those special clients.

For clubs or night clubs D’MAZ will become a hallmark for VIP clients.

By placing one of our D’MAZ luxury service objects in the centre of the table it will be a complement worthy of admiration.

Do you have a wedding, communion, business event or party with friends? Give a different and special touch to your events with D’MAZ.

Now we offer the possibility to rent for a day, for only 199€/day.

We will send it to you in 24 hours and if you are on the Costa del Sol you can use the shipping + assembly service. Even though D’MAZ is really easy to install!

Ask for more information and we will contact you to inform you about which Glam Holder adapts best to your needs.








Heidi Steevensz: Design
I have always had an objective as a designer that my designs have their own style, are recognizable and very personal. With other words, my creations are expressed through me and not through trends or influences.

Under this philosophy I worked at the beginning in the fashion world and I have managed to achieve quality in my work in a new line of luxury decoration.

I have always been passionate about art, paintings and sculpture, coming into contact with the world of fashion from a very young age and after studying at Hoge School voor Kunsten Arnhem Artez soon worked for major fashion brands like Miss Sixty, Pepe Jeans, Killah, Chipie Spain, DEPT, J.C.rags, Kuyichi

After years working in the fashion sector, I decided to take a leap into the world of design, entering into the luxury decoration sector for parties and events where after arriving in Marbella I discovered a great need and demand.

After over a year of work, drawing designs, D’MAZ was born! The ideal product that has quickly become the pearl of the night “chic” fashion and business parties on the Costa del Sol.

You are invited to look through my website where you will discover more about Glam Holder!

D’MAZ adapts to the needs of the most demanding hotels, clubs and congress centers on the Costa Sol. An innovative product, ideal for the most glamorous events and celebrations.

Give a special and different touch to your events with GlamHolder. Now we offer you the possibility of renting it for one day, from just € 199 / day.

For more technical or commercial information you can contact us through the form, telephone or email.

Phone 672 099 174 | Email: info@ d-maz.com


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